Way #6


Growing in Tenderness Together

(This is our final chapter, which is still a work in progress.  It will be completed and posted here in the coming months, by mid-2023.)

In Way #6, we will elaborate on ways to keep learning and exploring the edges of tenderness together in the many aspects of your relationship.  We will include opportunities for relationship enrichment and growth together.  In the meantime, we recommend getting on the email lists for their helpful relationship tips and other educational materials at Better Marriages (www.bettermarriages.org) and at The Gottman Institute (www.gottman.com).

Here’s one example: We completed an eight-week online course with John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman based on their book, Eight Dates: A Plan for Making Love Last Forever.  They supplemented their weekly emails to us with a live question and answer session on video.  We learned new things about each other, which created helpful new insights and understanding.  We even adopted a new romantic practice in the process.  We also had a lot of fun.  We’re adding this book to our list under RESOURCES: BOOKS.