Love Poetry

We will continue to add poetry here from time to time.
Remember: You can do this.  Just between the two of you, let it flow.
As we like to say, “Be happy to be sappy.  You could do verse.”


Life’s Cosmic “Why?”

My love for you
Is big as the sky.
You’re my answer
To life’s cosmic “why?”

Why am I here?
What does it mean?
Far from upstanding
We’re meant to lean

Lean on each other
For kindness and cheer
And for the courage to
Face down the fear

Fear that I won’t know
the right thing to do
What’s most important?
My answer is you

You make it easy
I’m learning to love
Tenderly, deeply
It’s what I’m made of

Of this I’m certain
Love is our goal
And loving you is
My sacred role