We will continue to add poetry / verse here from time to time.
Remember: You can do this.  Just between the two of you, let it flow.
As we like to say, “Be happy to be sappy.  You could do verse.”


Valentine, I’m Yours

Hi, it’s me, your Valentine
wanting you to say you’re mine
for probably the thousandth time
I never tire of that sweet line

But more than that I want to say
I’m yours, forever and a day


Thrilled to Be Your Valentine

For twenty years of You and Me
We’ve woven quite a tapestry
Sweet melodies and wondrous sights
A potpourri of shared delights

Learning, growing, teaching too
It’s all more fun when I’m with you
I’m so thankful we’re a pair
And for your tender loving care

We’re tucked away in our love nest
Adventuring in tenderness
Your heart’s a perfect fit with mine
I’m thrilled to be your Valentine!


Come Spend Your Life With Me

Twenty-eight short years ago
I said “Come to my party”
Never could I have conceived
The journey I’d be starting

On that night our paths converged
Sweet Cupid first took aim
In two months our lives were merged
Our futures were the same

Now we’ve spent more adult years
Together than apart
A sweet and tender adventure
Our journey of the heart

So on this very special day
Our anniversary
I’m so thankful we still say
“Come spend your life with me”


Happy 30th to Us!

Thirty years since our first date
Surely now it seems like fate
Stars aligned for us to meet
And discover love this sweet

You have been my shining star
Where I’ll be is where you are
Through the years, side by side
Joys and sorrow we’ll confide

Closer than I’d dared to dream
Facing each day as a team
Tasting life’s tremendous treats
Still adventuring as “Sweets”

So I hope for all our days
We still share our tender ways
And with every tender kiss
We’ll delight in tender bliss


Life’s Cosmic “Why?”

My love for you
Is big as the sky.
You’re my answer
To life’s cosmic “why?”

Why am I here?
What does it mean?
Far from upstanding
We’re meant to lean

Lean on each other
For kindness and cheer
And for the courage to
Face down the fear

Fear that I won’t know
the right thing to do
What’s most important?
My answer is you

You make it easy
I’m learning to love
Tenderly, deeply
It’s what I’m made of

Of this I’m certain
Love is our goal
And loving you is
My sacred role


The Moon Is Ours Tonight
(now a song by Erin Bode — see our BLOG)

The moon is ours tonight
There’s no one else in sight
A golden beam forms a seam
Of wonder and delight

Big and fully round
Rising from the ground
Helping us to celebrate
The sweet love we’ve found

Solid now for years
Through good times and tears
Hand in hand together
Sharing life as dears

Finding over time
That hills are more a climb
Bodies getting creaky, but
Our love is in its prime

Tender, sweet and strong
Guiding us along
Making it completely clear
We’re where we both belong

This moon is not to miss
It’s bathing us in bliss
Just for us it smiles down
Witnessing our kiss